Out with the old…

It’s been quite a year, here at Epic Cakes Towers. Demand for our cakes has never been so high, feedback from customers has been superb and we thought it was high time we reflected this with a revamp of our branding and a shiny new website to make it easier to promote ourselves and reach a wider audience.


Original logo

The process began early in the year when we started to get ideas together at the same time as applying for funding to get all this up and running. Unfortunately a few false starts meant our targeted launch in time for the Summer wedding season passed by with an alarming “whoosh”-ing sound. All seemed lost with the deadline for the closure of the funding rapidly approaching and no one who seemed capable of delivering what we were asking for. Then we lucked upon a brilliant web designer who managed to work miracles, taking all our ideas and turning them into reality while always somehow managing to keep us in the loop (all the while juggling his own career changes and his young family).


Now we can keep our galleries much more up-to-date (once we’ve uploaded our backlog – patience please!), and occasionally waffle-on as we are doing now on baking and sugarcraft, events and activities, as well as anything else which grabs our attention.


So we officially bid you welcome to our new look website, and look forward to hearing from you soon!


Epic Cakes logo 2014 (web version)












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